Ways I Can Help

1-2-1 Nutrition Programmes

Work with Me 1-2-1 to really get clear on your personal goals

I offer a FREE initial breakthrough call. This 30-minute call is an opportunity for you to tell me what your health and wellbeing goals are, what support you are looking for, to find out more about how I can work with you and if we are a good fit. As with any other therapy, you need to know you are going to feel comfortable and that you can trust the practitioner you work with. Please don’t ever feel awkward about this, if we aren’t a good fit I will always try and help direct you towards a more suited practitioner.

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Two bespoke programmes:

12 Week Programme

My 12 week programme is designed to offer you maximum support and accountability to set you on the path to reach your goals. This programme includes the following:

  • Initial consultation – 90 minutes
  • Followed by 3 x weekly sessions at 30-40 minutes each
  • Followed by a further 4 fortnightly sessions at 30-40 minutes each

Alongside your sessions you’ll also receive:

  • Personalised health plan and goals as agreed in each session, updated accordingly after every session
  • Personalised supplement plan (if required)
  • Advice and guidance on further testing should this be required to help inform your plan and ensure you are getting the best outcomes long term (depending on whether testing can be completed via the NHS or privately there may be an extra cost to this – this will always be discussed in detail should we feel it necessary for you personally*)
  • Resources to support your goals i.e. recipe/meal suggestions, meal plans if helpful and lifestyle resources such as breathing exercises – these are examples and not exhaustive of the extra resources we can provide
  • Email/WhatsApp support in between sessions (between Monday and Friday)

*if further testing is required then additional sessions may be needed to support interpretation of test results and/or a change to the structure of the programme outline.

The Gut Reset

The Gut Reset is a 6-month programme for those who are looking for the next step on their gut healthy journey. Unresolved digestive issues affecting your day-to-day wellbeing? Tired of not actually knowing what you can or can’t eat? Hopefully, by working together with me, you’ll discover you can eat more than you have in a long time, or what is triggering for your symptoms. If you are wanting to understand how you can best support a medical diagnosis, such as Ulcerative Colitis, with good nutrition and lifestyle support, this could be the programme for you.

Working together over a longer period of time allows me to take a slower, more personalised approach to establishing a programme that works for you personally. Unfortunately when it comes to the gut there is no ‘quick fix’. But with a little time, patience and support we can work together to understand what might work best for you and help give you confidence to support your health and your symptoms longer term.

We will start with the 90-minute initial consultation so I can really get to know what your journey has been like to date. What were the turning points, when did things start to change and what might have triggered some of that?
After this session we will discuss some light dietary recommendations to support you in the short term, lifestyle support and also whether or not testing might be beneficial for you.

I will then schedule in monthly sessions at 60 minutes each (5 in total) and 20-minute check in calls 2 weeks after this session just to check in and ensure all is going ok and you are happy with the next steps of the programme.

Throughout, you will also have access to email and WhatsApp support between sessions for any of those niggling questions but also if you want to share in your good news stories too!

Of course, you will receive health and supplement plans, resources, guidance on supplements and testing and all other relevant support after each session too.

This programme really is for those who are ready to take the leap and take control of their gut health once and for all. I of course can’t make any promises but working together like this, hopefully I can help you move forward with more control, less limitations and a sense of good health and wellbeing.

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